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A. Brown

Musculoskeletal X-Rays for Medical Students

Autor: Brown, A.

publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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Musculoskeletal X-rays for Medical Students provides the key principles and skills needed for the assessment of normal and abnormal musculoskeletal radiographs. With a focus on concise information and clear visual presentation, it uses a unique colour overlay system to clearly present abnormalities. Musculoskeletal X-rays for Medical Students: Presents each radiograph twice, side by side once as

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Mighty Mo

Autor: Brown, A.

publisher: Pan Macmillan

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At the Golden Dodo Zoo, Mo the raccoon is bored, bored, bored. There must be something amazing he can do! It certainly isn't making ice-creams or blowing up balloons...But when Big Ron the robber starts causing trouble, it's up to mighty Mo to save the day! This hilarious story about an unlikely hero will appeal to any child with a sense of adventure. Keep your little superhero entertained with

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