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A. Claybourne



publisher: A & C Black

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From Surfing to the Secret Life of Rats, Extreme Science will excite and inspire 8-11 year olds. High-interest topics grab the reader and introduce some key science concepts in an accessible and innovative way. The action-packed pages are designed to motivate struggling and reluctant readers, and a reading age of 7 makes the content super-accessible. Extreme titles are ideal for

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Animals (First Questions and Answers)

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Bedoyere, C.,Claybourne, A.

publisher: Miles Kelly

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With superb artwork, amazing photographs and fun cartoons, Questions and Answers Animals promotes fun, interactive learning for children aged 5–8. Every question is clearly answered to give young learners a basic understanding of the facts. Simple activities to do at home and standalone fascinating facts entertain the most reluctant of readers. Whether your children have questions about clever

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Stories from Shakespeare

Autor: Claybourne, A.

publisher: Usborne Publishing

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A re-telling of some of Shakespeare's best known plays, in story form. Includes a synopsis, quotations and list of characters from every play alongside information about Shakespeare's work, life and poetry, to put the plays into context. Suitable for ages 10 years and up.

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