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A. Geras

My Ballet Dream (Tutu Tilly)

Autor: Geras, A.

publisher: Bookpoint Ltd

0 / 5
A third story about the the delightful budding ballerina Tutu Tilly by an award-winning author and talented illustrator. Little ballerinas will love all the ballet-filled detail of Tutu Tilly's world - from the pretty ballet outfits, the nervous butterflies before the performance and the rounds of applause at the end of the show. The perfect books for ballet fans.

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War Girls

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Geras, A.,Burgess, M.

publisher: TBS

0 / 5
1914: war has broken out across Europe and beyond. Nothing will ever be the same again for those caught up in the conflict. This collection of short stories explores how the First World War changed and shaped the lives of women forever. A courageous nurse risks her life at the Front Line; a young woman discovers independence and intrigue in wartime London; and a grief-stricken widow defends her

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