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A. Sage

Stop That Robot! (Collins Big Cat - Band 00/Lilac)

Autor: Sage, A.

publisher: Collins Education

0 / 5
Every child’s dream; a robot that tidies your room! But in this wordless picture book, the advantage-taking boy discovers his wised-up robot messing everything up again! Hiding the mess, the boy goes out to play… before all is revealed and Mum turns to the robot herself. •Lilac/Band 0 - wordless book that tells a story through pictures and is designed to develop understanding about how stories

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Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want

Autor: Sage, A.

publisher: Littlehampton

0 / 5
Perfectly named style maven and City Sage blogger Anne Sage knows a wise truth: decorating our living spaces for our goals is the first step in making them happen. In Sage Living, she opens the door to covetable dwellings designed to boost the dreams of their occupants, from the sunny, open-air kitchen of a holistic nutritionist to the eclectic living room of a world traveller ready to put down

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