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A. Sewell

Oxford Bookworms Library New Edition 4 Black Beauty

Autor: SEWELL, A.

publisher: OUP ELT

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Popis edice: When Black Beauty is trained to carry a rider on his back, or to pull a carriage behind him, he finds it hard at first. But he is lucky - his first home is a good one, where his owners are kind people, who would never be cruel to a horse. But

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Black Cat Green Apple Edition Level Starter: Black Beauty + Audio Cd

Autor: SEWELL, A.

publisher: CIDEB EDITRICE s.r.l.

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Black Beauty is a touching story written from a horse's point of view. Black Beauty, a handsome, intelligent horse, lives in Victorian England on a peaceful farm with a wonderful master. But his life changes when he is sold to different masters-some are kind and understanding, but others are very cruel… Published in 1877, Black Beauty is surely the most loved animal story of all times – an

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