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Abigail Wheatley

Story Of Painting

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Wheatley Abigail,Patchett Fiona

publisher: Usborne Publishing

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This is an engaging history of Western Art from cave paintings through to modern times, plus information about the artists and their lives and techniques. It is illustrated with a combination of full colour reproductions of the original works of art and humorous line drawings. Internet links lead to a range of fascinating websites, including online art galleries and lots more about the artists

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Children's Cupcake Kit

Autor: Abigail Wheatley

publisher: Usborne Publishing

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An irresistible gift set to bake delicious and colourful cupcakes, all presented in a stunning storage box. The beautifully illustrated recipe book has step-by-step instructions for making 23 different kinds of cupcakes, including red velvet, chocolate marble and spiced apple. Includes suggestions for adapting the recipes for different flavours, and ideas and tips for decorations. Contains 380

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