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Andrew Lloyd Webber

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: With pictures by Quentin Blake

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Tim Rice,Andrew Lloyd Webber

publisher: Pavilion Books

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Based on the smash-hit musical that has become one of the most popular children's plays of all time, this beautiful book retells in verse and illustrations one of the most action-packed stories of the Old Testament. The lively lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and the humorous illustrations by Quentin Blake are a delight for children of all ages. A book to be treasured!

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Andrew Lloyd Webber: Unmasked: The Platinum Collection - 4CD

Autor: Andrew Lloyd Webber

publisher: Akordshop

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Disc: 1 1 Superstar - Murray Head & Trinidad Singers 2 The Phantom Of The Opera - Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman 3 Oh What A Circus - Antonio Banderas, Madonna 4 Love Changes Everything - Michael Ball 5 Stick It To The Man - Alex Brightman, The Original Broadway Cast Of School Of Rock 6 Memory - Nicole Scherzinger 7 No Matter What - Boyzone 8 With One Look - Barbra

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