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Andrew Roberts

Churchill: Walking with Destiny

Autor: Andrew Roberts

publisher: Penguin Books

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A landmark reconsideration of the iconoclastic war leader, based on extensive new material--from private letters to war cabinet meetings-- by the bestselling, award-winning author of Napoleon and The Storm of War.

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Great Commanders of the Ancient World: 1479 BC - 453 AD

Autor: Andrew Roberts (ed)

publisher: Quercus (UK)

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Which was the most brilliant of Hannibal's three crushing defeats of Roman armies? What tactics did Julius Caesar employ to defeat Pompey at Pharsalus? How was Alexander the Great able to command sufficient loyalty from his troops to lead them across half of the Asian landmass in search of new territories to conquer? The answers to these and a myriad other fascinating questions can be found

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Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Roberts Andrew,Briggs Philip

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The Bradt Guide to Uganda, now more than 500-pages long, is the definitive travel handbook to this wonderful but oft-neglected destination, not only providing comprehensive background information to its varied national parks, towns and other cultural attractions, but also including detailed reviews of the ever-growing selection of world-class lodges and budget hotels that service them.

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