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Astrid Lindgren

The World´s Best Karlson

publisher: OUP ED

0 / 5
Fun-filled stories starring an ordinary boy called Smidge and the extraordinary Karlson, the flying man who lives on the roof! Smidge is used to Karlson, the funny little man with a propeller on his back, living on the roof. They are firm friends. Now, anytime Karlson pops in, Smidge knows that there's fun and adventure in store. In this collection of stories, they flood the bathroom, celebrate

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Pippi Longstocking Small Gift Edition

publisher: OUP ED

0 / 5
Astrid Lindgren's classic character Pippi Longstocking illustrated by Lauren Child. Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren's nine-year-old heroine, burst onto the bookshelf in 1945 and has remained a firm favourite with children the world over. Here her story is illustrated with flair and humour by Lauren Child, known to children everywhere as the creator of Charlie and Lola, and winner of the Kate

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