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C. Cooper

Psychiatry at Glance

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Katona, C.,Cooper, C.,Robertson, M.

publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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Psychiatry at a Glance is an easy-to-use, accessible introductory and study text for all students of psychiatry. It helps develop your skills in history taking and performing the Mental State Examination (MSE), and presents ‘need to know’ information on the basic science, treatment, and management of the major disorders. This edition features: Thoroughly updated and reorganised artwork, offering

Naše cena: 960 Kč

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General Practice Cases at a Glance

Autor: Cooper, C.

publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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General Practice Cases at a Glance is a workbook of clinical scenarios, ideal for those working in general practice, on their GP rotations, or looking to improve their history-taking, diagnostic and management planning skills. Written by practising teaching GPs, it provides an accessible overview of the richness and complexity of general practice. With 50 engaging consultations, covering all age

Naše cena: 850 Kč

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