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C. M. Townsend

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery

Autor: Townsend, C.M., Beauchamp, R.D., Evers, B.M.

publisher: Elsevier Books

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Sabiston Textbook of Surgery is your ultimate foundation for confident surgical decision making. Covering the very latest science and data affecting your treatment planning, this esteemed medical reference helps you make the most informed choices so you can ensure the best outcome for every patient.

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Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice, 20th Ed.

Autor: Townsend, C. M.

publisher: Elsevier Books

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Presents key content important to the training and practice of contemporary general surgery in a readable single volume. Clinically focused and relevant throughout and balances what the user needs to know about basic science with clinical practice. Includes key data on surgical outcomes to better inform clinical decision-making. Full-color design facilitates the comprehension of surgical

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