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Dick King-Smith

PER | Level 2: Babe-Sheep Pig - Level 2

Autor: Dick King-Smith

publisher: Pearson

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Contemporary / British EnglishOne day, Farmer Hogget wins a young pig. He likes the pig, but he is a sheep farmer not a pig farmer. Mrs Hogget wants the pig for the dinner table. The little pig has other ideas, and hes a very clever pig ...

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PER | Level 2: Babe-Sheep Pig Bk/MP3 Pack

Autor: King-Smith Dick

publisher: PEARSON English Readers

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The tale of high adventure in the farmyard that became the hit movie Babe is a captivating play for children young and old. A leading writer of children's plays brings the heartwarming story of the piglet who rises to fame at the Grand Challenge Sheep Dog Trials to the stage in a dramatization that allows for flexible casting.

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