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E. Pearlman


Autor: Pearlman, E.

publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

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Over the last few decades, Edith Pearlman has staked her claim as one of the great short-story writers. The stories in Honeydew are unmistakably by Pearlman; whole lives in ten pages. They are minutely observant of people, of their foibles and failings, but also of their moments of kindness and truth. Whether the characters are Somalian women who've suffered circumcision, a special child with

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Binocular Vision

Autor: Pearlman, E.

publisher: TBS

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Tenderly, observantly, incisively, Edith Pearlman captures life on the page like few other writers-its dilemmas, its loves, its complexity. Spanning 40 years of writing-and from tsarist Russia to London during the Blitz, from Central America to the coast of Maine, from Jerusalem to the fictional suburb of Godolphin, Massachusetts-these astonishing stories show a writer of the most exquisitely

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