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F. Roberts

Pathology Illustrated

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Reid, R.,Roberts, F.,MacDuff, E.

publisher: Elsevier Ltd

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Generations of medical students have been helped to pass their exams by the "Illustrated" books. The visual presentation of the subject matter, divided into one-page units, makes for easy learning and re-call. Pathology is central to the study of medicine and forms the bridge between the basic sciences and clinical medicine, making this book a key purchase.

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Lee's Ophthalmic Histopathology, 3rd Ed

Autor: Roberts, F.

publisher: Springer Customer Service Cent

0 / 5
Completely revised and updated third edition of Lee’s Ophthalmic Histopathology, this well-illustrated and practically-oriented text has retained its general layout and style and division into specimen-based chapters. The visual image remains key to explaining the pathological processes - facilitated by full colour photography throughout the text. The text and illustrations are also provided as a

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