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F. Walker


Autor: WALKER, F.

publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

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With tight breeches and loose morals, the horse trials circuit is a hell-for-leather chase across the magnificent parkland of England's finest country estates. Flirtation is compulsory sport; love is a professional hazard. Silver-tongued charmer Rory Midwinter is quite at home in this hedge-jumping, bed-hopping world of competitive weekend house parties. Having been born into the saddle, and with

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Autor: WALKER, F.

publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

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"When Ellen Jamieson breaks up with her long-standing boyfriend, she plans to go traveling. But first she agrees to house-sit for her parents, who are trying to find a buyer for their idyllic cottage in the Cotswold village of Oddlode. The village is full of quaint and eccentric characters, both blue-blooded and below the salt, and Ellen is the subject of much speculation. Under the wing of

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