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G. Ellis

Snowman: Teacher´s Book

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Briggs, R.,Ellis, G.

publisher: OUP ELT

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Ideal for the weeks leading up to Christmas. Level: Beginner to Elementary Key features Children will enjoy listening to the story of a little boy and his magical snowman as they follow the beautiful, full-colour illustrations. The story is interleaved with comprehension activities, games and puzzles to develop children's language skills. The cassette includes songs and listening activities as

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Delta Teacher Development Series: Teaching Children How to Learn: Plan, Do, Review!

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Ellis, G.,Ibrahim, N.

publisher: Heinle ELT part of Cengage Lea

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Teaching children how to learn is a groundbreaking book offering Primary language teachers a new and practical methodology based on the importance, now universally recognized in curricula around the world, of teaching children how to learn. Teaching children how to learn comes from authors Gail Ellis, British Council adviser on Young Learners and Quality for the EU region, and Nayr Ibrahim, Head

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