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Guy Andrews

Greg LeMond - Yellow Jersey Race

Autor: Andrews Guy

publisher: Bloomsbury

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'It never gets easier, you just go faster.' Greg LeMond Being a three-time Tour de France winner is only half of the Greg LeMond story. Equally at home on the cobbles of the spring classics as he was on the mountains of the grand tours LeMond rode a full racing season from spring to autumn. His never-say-die spirit also bagged him two World Championship golds and a hatful of podiums at the

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Magnum Cycling

Autor: Andrews Guy

publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd

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This book draws upon the Magnum archive to present a celebration of the great photographers who have captured those most fugitive of moments in cycling: the personalities, emotions and human endurance. It is grouped into thematic chapters, with works by a range of photographers, showing carefully picture-edited images with discursive captions. Each chapter also features one `story' of an iconic

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