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J. Pipe


Autor: Kolektiv autorů - SHAKESPEARE, W.,PIPE, J.

publisher: Bounce Sales

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Shakespeare's tragedic masterpiece about houses at war and undying love in 'fair Verona' is here retold with spectacular illustrations. A classic tale of youth and passion which continues to fascinate global audiences even now. "Graffex" is a series of illustrated literary classics retold for young readers, using a graphic novel format which is particularly popular with reluctant readers.

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Autor: PIPE, J.

publisher: OUP ED

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Tells the tales of great explorations throughout the centuries - how explorers built on the achievements of others to venture into unknown worlds. Just as the unknown regions of the world seized the imagination of the great explorers, so the exploits of those explorers continue to fascinate readers today. The book captures all the thrill of exploration; its fears, dangers and

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