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Joan M. Saslow

Top Notch 2 with ActiveBook

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Joan M. Saslow,Allen Ascher

publisher: Pearson

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Top Notch prepares students to communicate in English with a diverse array of speakers around the world who have a wide range of native and non-native accents. An emphasis on cultural fluency enables students to navigate the social, travel, and business situations that they will encounter in their lives. The ActiveBook contains: * The Student's Book in digital format with full audio * Interactive

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vyjde 21. 7. 2020

Top Notch Fundamentals ActiveTeach

Autor: Joan M. Saslow

publisher: PEARSON Longman

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Top Notch Digital , by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher,is extremely simple and flexible whiteboard software that helps you transform Top Notch into a dynamic, digital, multimedia teaching tool. All the pages of your Top Notch Student's Book are included for

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Teen2Teen 4 Plus Pack Student´s Book & Workbook with Online Practice

publisher: OUP ELT

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With its teen appeal and carefully paced syllabus, Teen2Teen makes learning English irresistible and teaching effortless.

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