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K. Allman

Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia 3rd Ed.

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Allman, K.,Wilson, I.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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The bestselling Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia has been completely updated for this new third edition. All chapters have been rewritten and a number of new authors have been brought on board to add their expertise and knowledge. Additional new material includes regional anaesthesia, and a comprehensive section on anaesthesia for interventional radiology, a rapidly expanding field of

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Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia, 4th Ed.

Autor: Allman, K.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Now on its fourth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia provides authoritative, concise guidance on all aspects of anaesthesia. Evidence-based, up-to-date, and clinically-focused, it is indispensable for both anaesthetic trainees and experienced practitioners. Building on the award-winning success of previous editions, the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia is as relevant and important as ever.

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