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R. E. Feist

Wrath of a Mad God

Autor: FEIST, R. E.

publisher: Harper Collins UK

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The final book in The Darkwar series from the world-wide best-selling author of Magician. Wrath of a Mad God witnesses the cataclysmic end to one of Feist's best-loved worlds. The Darkwar has fallen upon the worlds of Kelewan and Midkemia; a time of heroes, trials and destruction. Following their dangerous mission to the realm of the alien Dasati, Magnus and the other members of the Conclave must

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Silverthorn (Riftwar Saga 2)

Autor: Feist, R. E.

publisher: Harper Collins UK

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The second volume in Raymond E. Feist’s highly acclaimed epic fantasy Riftwar Saga With the Kingdom of the Isles at peace, Prince Arutha can at last look forward to marrying the Princess Anita in the city of Krondor. But the capital in the west harbours many shadows. When Jimmy the Hand, a young thief in the Guild of Mockers, upsets an assassination attempt on Arutha, a sinister plot is

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