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Susanna Davidson

Under the Ground

Autor: Susanna Davidson

publisher: Usborne Publishing

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Lenny and Lola journey deep into the earth, encountering rabbits snuggled in their burrows, underground trains and dinosaur bones. They keep digging, and digging until they pop out on the other side of the world! With delightful illustrations, easy-to-read text and fun puzzles at the end of the book. Part of the First Reading series for beginner readers.

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Skladem u dodavatele

Snow White

Autor: Susanna Davidson

publisher: folio

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"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?" Turn the pages of this gorgeous pop-up book and watch as the classic fairy tale magically comes to life. Join Snow White as she meets the seven dwarfs, takes a poisoned apple from the wicked witch, and is saved by a prince. A pleasure to share with little children, and a wonderful gift.

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