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T. Terry


Autor: Kolektiv autorů - COHEN, I.,Pratchett Terry, T.,STEWART, T.

publisher: Random House UK

0 / 5
"Roundworld is in trouble again, and this time it looks fatal. Having created it in the first place, the wizards of Unseen University feel vaguely responsible for its safety. They know the creatures who lived there escaped the impending Big Freeze by inventing the space elevator - they even intervened to rid the planet of a plague of elves, who attempted to divert humanity onto a different time

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Mind Games

Autor: Terry, T.

publisher: Bookpoint Ltd

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Fans of the award-winning SLATED trilogy won't want to miss this gripping new psychological thriller from Teri Terry! In a future world, life is tightly controlled by the all-powerful PareCo. Standing out from the crowd is dangerous so misfit Luna hides her secrets carefully, not realising her own power. Unlike her friends and family, Luna has never been able to plug into Realtime, PareCo's

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