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Tracy Bloom

Žádný sex, je úterý

Autor: Tracy Bloom

publisher: Mladá fronta

5 / 5
20 %
Třicet šest, těhotná a bez manžela?! Tak si Katy svůj život rozhodně nepředstavovala.

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I Will Marry George Clooney (... by Christmas)

Autor: Tracy Bloom

publisher: Arrow Books (UK)

0 / 5
This is a brand new very funny Christmas novel, from the bestselling author of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday and Single Woman Seeks Revenge. There comes a time in every woman's life when the only answer is to marry George Clooney. For Michelle, that time is now. Slogging her guts out in a chicken factory whilst single-handedly bringing up a teenager who hates her is far from the life that

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No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday

Autor: Tracy Bloom

publisher: Arrow Books (UK)

0 / 5
This is a very funny romantic novel (...and no. 1 ebook bestseller). Childhood sweethearts Matthew and Katy agree they must never see each other again following a school reunion. So all is forgotten ...until eight months later when a shock meeting at an antenatal class forces them to confront the fact that Matthew could be the father of Katy's baby. Love and life are messy, but Katy and Matthew

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