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W. Gibson

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Autor: GIBSON, W.

publisher: Harper Collins UK

0 / 5
"The final volume of the ""Neuromancer"" trilogy set in a near-future world, which once again takes the reader into a world of high-tech computers and cybernetics. "

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Spook Country

Autor: GIBSON, W.

publisher: Penguin Books (UK)

0 / 5
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What happens when old spies come out to play one last game? In New York a young Cuban called Tito is passing iPods to a mysterious old man. Such activities do not go unnoticed, however, in these early days of the War on Terror and across the city an ex-military man named Brown is tracking Tito's movements. Meanwhile in LA, journalist Hollis Henry is on the trail of Bobby Chombo, who appears to

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