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Autor: DEAVER, J.

publisher: Megabooks

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A highway patrol trooper notices something strange on the side of the road: a homemade cross, fashioned as a memorial. Except the date being 'remembered' is the following day - the day the police find a kidnapped teenage girl in the trunk of a car, left for dead. Special Agent Kathryn Dance, the kinesics expert with the California Bureau of Investigation, is on the case. The teenage victim points

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The Collected Poems

Autor: Robert Frost

publisher: Megabooks

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No poet is more emblematically American than Robert Frost. Hailed as ‘the most eminent, the most distinguished Anglo-American poet’ by T.S. Eliot, he is the only writer in history to have been awarded four Pulitzer Prizes. In iconic poems like ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’, simple images summon the rural landscape of New England, and Frost unfailingly moves the reader with his profound

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Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver : Protect Your Financial Future

Autor: Michael Maloney

publisher: Megabooks

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Oxford Bookworms Library: Level 4:: Washington Square Audio Pack

Autor: Henry James

publisher: Megabooks

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When a handsome young man begins to court Catherine Sloper, she feels she is very lucky. She is a quiet, gentle girl, but neither beautiful nor clever; no one had ever admired her before, or come to the front parlour of her home in Washington Square to whisper soft words of love to her. But in New York in the 1840s young ladies are not free to marry where they please. Catherine must have her

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