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Art, Design, and Architecture in Central Europe, 1890-1920

Autor: Elizabeth Clegg

publisher: Yale University Press (US)

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In this unprecedentedly wide-ranging account of art, design, and architecture in the complex Central Europe of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during its momentous last decades, Elizabeth Clegg achieves a forceful integration of political and cultural developments. Comparing the situation in eight cities--among them Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Cracow, and Zagreb--the author highlights contrasts,

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Architecture In Minutes

Autor: Susie Hodge

publisher: Quercus (UK)

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In this hyper-compact, fully illustrated guide to architecture, Susie Hodge outlines the history and theory of architecture from the earliest structures to the cutting-edge concepts of the present day. Along the way she profiles 200 key buildings, historic styles, architectural movements and celebrated architects from all around the world. Contents include the Greek orders, Roman engineering,

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Modern London : An illustrated tour of London's cityscape from the 1920s to the present day

Autor: Lukáš Novotný

publisher: White Lion Publishing

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From the art deco factories of the 1920s through to the skyscraper boom of the twenty-first century, Modern London takes you on an illustrated tour of the capital's ever-changing landscape.

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