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Ascher: The Mad Silkman

Autor: Hlaváčková Konstantina

publisher: Slovart

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Ascher - although the name and the brand are entirely unknown in the Czech Republic, in Western Europe they have been synonymous with fine textile design for more than seventy years. This book traces the story of Zika Ascher and his wife Lida, whose personal and professional lives played out against the dramatic history of the 20th century. After leaving Czechoslovakia in 1939, they built in

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Vital Art Nouveau 1900 - from the Collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Lucie Vlčková (ed.), Radim Vondráček (ed.)

publisher: Arbor vitae

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The publication is devoted to key works of the Czech and European Art Nouveau style from the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. It examines decorative art of the Art Nouveau period as part of the ground-breaking modernization and emancipation trends of the Fin de siecle that brought changes in interior and fashion design, introduced new forms and styles in glass and ceramics,

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Autor: Ellen DeGeneres

publisher: Hachette Groups (US)

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Ellen DeGeneres has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes over the last twenty-five years, and describes her real-estate and decorating adventures as "an education." She has long cared deeply about design: "I think I wanted to be an interior designer when I was thirteen."

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Landscape of Man

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - JELLICOE, G.,JELLICOE, S.

publisher: Thames & Hudson

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This volume looks at the landscape of 28cultures, ranging from ancient Mesopotamia tothe present day, and shows how the environmentis conditioned by the philosophy and religion of each civilization. A selection from GeoffreyJellicoe's "The Atlanta HistoricalGarden" is included.

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The Designer's Dictionary of Colour [UK edition]

Autor: Sean Adams

publisher: Abrams

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The Designer's Dictionary of Color provides an in-depth look at 30 colors key to art and graphic design. Organized by spectrum, in color-by-color sections for easy navigation, this book documents each hue with charts showing color range and palette variations. Chapters detail each color's creative history and cultural associations, with examples of color use that extend from the artistic to the

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