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Helbling Readers Classics Level 3 Red Line - the Stolen White Elephant + Audio CD Pack

Autor: TWAIN, M.

publisher: Helbling Languages

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A white elephant travelling from Asia to Britain as a present for the Queen goes missing in New York. Chief Inspector Blunt of the New York Police Department puts all of his men on the case and promises to find the thieves. Are the city’s best policemen and a reward of $100,000 enough to get the elephant back? A series of well-known classic stories by world-famous authors that have been chosen,

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Talking Culture Book + CD-ROM

Autor: CLEARY, M.

publisher: Helbling Languages

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Talking Culture is a flexible new culture course for young teenagers learning English. Talking Culture contains 6 self-contained modules dealing with a specific theme. Each spread is full of useful and interesting information, chosen to appeal to young teenagers and to give them an insight into life in the English-speaking world. The four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) are

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The Resourceful Teacher Series: English Through Art + CD-ROM Pack

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - GRUNDY, P.,BOCIEK, H.,PARKER, K.

publisher: Helbling Languages

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English through ART brings together 100 highly varied, original, ready-to-use activities to foster real communication in English through imaginative responses to both artistic images and easy-to-do creative work. A clear introduction explains how art can be used to stimulate language acquisition in a creative, enjoyable and memorable way and provides advice on how to get the very best out of this

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