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Oxford Practice Grammar Advanced Supplementary Exercises

Autor: George Yule

publisher: Oxford University Press

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11 %
Oxford Practice Grammar gives clear explanations of English grammar with exercises on the facing page which provide practice in form and use. The new revised edition provides some additional grammar topics and expanded treatment of others, more exercises, new progress tests at intervals throughout the book, and more illustrated dialogues and texts (the grammar presentations make frequent use of

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Grammar Dimensions 4 Workbook

Autor: Diane Larsen-Freeman

publisher: Heinle ELT

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Through clear and comprehensive grammar explanations, extensive practice exercises, and lively communicative activities, Grammar Dimensions provides students with the language skills they need to communicate accurately, meaningfully, and appropriately. Updated Opening Tasks can be used as a diagnostic or warm-up exercise to explore students' knowledge of each structure's form, meaning, and

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Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced Book with Answers and Audio

Autor: Martin Hewings

publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Grammar and Vocabulary reference and practice for the revised Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) from 2015

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