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Czech society in the 2000s: a report on socio-economic policies and structures

publisher: Academia

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This book is a kind of “social report” on development over the past almost two decades in the areas of employment, social policies, earnings, income inequalities, and social structures with a focus to the situation of the middle class, pensioners and the poor, and socio-economic values relating to work and consumer values. The aim is to provide a documented picture of Czech society using

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Bohemia docta - The Historical Roots of Science and Scholarschip in the Czech Lands

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Martin Franc,Antonín Kostlán,Alena Míšková

publisher: Academia

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This book charts the development of Czech non-university science from its beginnings in humanist learned societies to the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences’ transformation as the Czech Academy of Sciences. A team of experienced authors present attractively written chapters covering the history of such important scientific institutions as the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences, the Czech Academy

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