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Anatomies: The Human Body, Its Parts and The Stories They Tell

Autor: Hugh Aldersey-Williams

publisher: Penguin Books (UK)

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Including facts, stories and information drawn from across history, science, art and literature - from finger-prints to angel physiology, from Isaac Newton's death-mask to the afterlife of Einstein's brain, this title explores our relationship with our bodies and investigates our changing attitudes to the extraordinary physical shell we inhabit.

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Muscular System Chart: Wallchart

publisher: NBN International Ltd

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Wall chart for all students of medicine. Readership:Professional & Vocational

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Memorix Anatomy - Entire human anatomy in English and Latin - 2. vyd.

Autor: Radovan Hudák

publisher: Triton

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The world’s newest comprehensive book of human anatomy with complete English and Latin terminology. Memorix Anatomy is a perfect example of a student-friendly textbook with a modern design and didactic approach. Written by medical students, anatomists and medical doctors, this textbook summarizes important information from general, special and topographic anatomy. All the important anatomical

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Topographical Anatomy with autopsy guide and clinical notes

publisher: Karolinum

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This short synopsis of topographical anatomy is intended for medical students who already have a good knowledge of systematic anatomy. The chapters follow the arrangement usual in anatomy coursebooks, i. e. according to parts of the human body: head, neck, chest, pelvis, back and extremities. For a better understanding, the text is accompained by simplified drawings.

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