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Pythons Autobiography By the Pythons

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Palin, M.,Jones, T.,Gilliam, T.,Idle, E.

publisher: Orion Publishing Group

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Over thirty years ago, a group of six Englishmen - well, one was Welsh and another an interloping American - rewrote the rules of comedy. Monty Python's Flying Circus, an unheralded, previously unseen half-hour show of sketches, hilarities, inanities and animations, first appeared on the BBC late one night in 1969. Its impact has been felt the world over ever since. From its humble beginnings, it

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After the Ice A Global Human History 20,000-5000 BC

Autor: Steven Mithen

publisher: Orion Publishing Group

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A fantastic voyage through 15,000 years of history that laid the foundations for civilisation as we know it by award-winning science writer Steven Mithen. Twenty thousand years ago Earth was in the midst of an ice age. Then global warming arrived, leading to massive floods, the spread of forests and the retreat of the deserts. By 5,000 BC a radically different human world had appeared. In place

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