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The Right Side of History : How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great

Autor: Ben Shapiro

publisher: folio

3.5 / 5
27 %
America has a God-shaped hole in its heart, argues New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro, and we shouldn't fill it with politics and hate. In 2016, Ben Shapiro spoke at UC Berkeley. Hundreds of police officers were required from 10 UC campuses across the state to protect his speech, which was -- ironically -- about the necessity for free speech and rational debate. He came to argue

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Czech society in the 2000s: a report on socio-economic policies and structures

publisher: Academia

0 / 5
21 %
This book is a kind of “social report” on development over the past almost two decades in the areas of employment, social policies, earnings, income inequalities, and social structures with a focus to the situation of the middle class, pensioners and the poor, and socio-economic values relating to work and consumer values. The aim is to provide a documented picture of Czech society using

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