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Elements Physical Chemistry 6th Ed

Autor: Peter Atkins

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Getting to grips with physical chemistry can be a daunting task. With new concepts to understand and a large amount of mathematics to master, it is no wonder that students can sometimes find it overwhelming. Elements of Physical Chemistry has been carefully developed to help readers increase their confidence when using physics and mathematics to answer fundamental questions about the structure of

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 5th Ed.

Autor: Despo Papachristodoulou

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Now in its fifth edition Biochemistry and Molecular Biology features a new author team, who have retained the much-praised clarity of previous editions, while adding a more biomedical focus and incorporating a discussion of recent developments in research. A new chapter on the general principles of nutrition emphasises the key principles underlying complex metabolic pathways, enabling students to

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The Lost Elements: The Periodic Table´s Shadow Side

Autor: Marco Fontani

publisher: Oxford University Press

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In the mid-nineteenth century, chemists came to the conclusion that elements should be organized by their atomic weights. However, the atomic weights of various elements were calculated erroneously, and chemists also observed some anomalies in the properties of other elements. Over time, it became clear that the periodic table as currently comprised contained gaps, missing elements that had yet

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