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Hry a hračky - Lego


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LEGO: Brick Erasers / 8 Erasers

publisher: Chronicle Books

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21 %
Look just like LEGO (R) bricks! This pack of eight LEGO (R) brick-shaped erasers is fun for LEGO lovers, as a standout addition to a student's school supplies, a nostalgic desk statement at the office, or just a creative and colorful way to erase mistakes. * Die-cut box tray and sleeve (4 x 51/2 inches) holds 8 erasers in 4 colors. * Erasers have 8 realistic studs on top to make them

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LEGO: Mystery Minifigure Puzzles / 12 Copy CDU

publisher: Chronicle Books

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What minifigure will you build today? It's a mystery! This mini puzzle comes together to reveal a surprise minifigure design from the massively popular LEGO (R) Collectible Minifigure line. Test your puzzle skills and LEGO knowledge as you piece together one of six fan favourite minifigures - you'll have to complete the puzzle to find out which one you have! Collect all six designs for the full

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