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ACT & SING 2 + AUDIO CD (3 mini-musicals for young learners)


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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 2010
Formát: brožovaná kniha + CD 62 stran
Cena: 491 Kč běžně 546 Kč
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ACT & SING is a 2-volume primary teacher’s resource with a set of mini-musical plays to act out and sing in class. Each volume includes three fun musical plays in easy English, to promote multisensory learning and help young learners remember and pronounce new words and phrases. Plays last 10 to 15 minutes each and become the highlight of any school performance. Quick and easy to stage, involving the whole class. Audio CD An Audio CD provides full musical accompaniment. You can also use the scores in the guide to get the children to play and sing the music themselves. The CD includes full readings of the plays plus instrumental versions of the songs. Guide The guide includes for each play: An overview containing plot summary, character list and details of all extra material required; The full script with details of scenes; Photocopiable lyrics and text pages; Full teaching notes (with songs, voice accompaniment and music parts); Photocopiable picture dictionaries; Photocopiable masks and props; Practical ideas for rehearsal and performance. Act & Sing 1 includes:Help for Father Christmas: Father Christmas’ sack of presents gets stolen. Will he catch the thieves in time to save Christmas Eve?Easter Eggs surprise: What do the Easter bunnies do when they run out of eggs? Easy! They get new ones from some chickens with a very special surprise inside!Help from Friends: An evil wizard changes a group of children into robots. Only their friends can help! Act & Sing 2 includes:Halloween! Anna, Ben and Connor come home on Halloween with lots of sweets. But during the night they are visited by a ghost! Creepy!Where’ s Your Ticket, Father Christmas?! What does Father Christmas do when his reindeer run away? He goes to town on the train without a ticket and with no money. He’s asking for trouble!Clever Easter Rabbits! The Easter rabbits are showing the foxes how to dance but they forget to look after their basket of eggs. What will happen to the basket and the Easter eggs inside?


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  • ISBN: 3852722292
  • EAN: 9783852722290

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