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Business Continuity and Risk Management : Essentials of Organizational Resilience

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Jazyk: angličtina
Datum vydání: 28.09.2011
Formát: 277 x 216 x 32 mm; Knihy - paperback; 372 stran
Cena: 4 385 Kč běžně 5 099 Kč
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If You're New to Business Continuity Planning or Want a Thorough Corporate Training Tool with a Variety of Instructional Aids... 5 REASONS You'll Want the Most Comprehensive and Up to Date Business Continuity Handbook Available (c2012): 1) State-of-the-art exposition of the global body of knowledge for Business Continuity Management and Risk Management, including current international standards and best practices. 2) Flexible, modular design that allows you to customize your own self-study plan: Ten chapters cover fundamental principles and practices; three chapters give greater detail on Information Technology and Emergency Management if your work focuses in these areas; and four chapters explain Risk Modeling if you want a foundation in the statistical underpinnings of risk management. 3) Comprehensive training package for professional development classes, including instructor materials: test bank, syllabi, PowerPoint slides, and sample solutions to case studies, discussions, and end-of-chapter questions. Two of the case studies are integrated throughout the text to give managers experience in applying chapter principles to a service company and a manufacturer. 4) Holistic coverage of two interfacing fields: Business Continuity, which tends to deal with consequences, and Risk Management, which tends to be preventative. Both The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) have endorsed the book. 5) Quick desk reference for your BCM team offering a readable blend of academic principles and practical applications--an effective tool for grounding interdepartmental teams learning to develop and maintain BC plans. Kurt J. Engemann, PhD, CBCP, is the Director of the Center for Business Continuity and Risk Management and Professor of Information Systems in the Hagan School of Business at Iona College. Dr. Engemann is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management. Professionals from a number of Wall Street banking firms and Fortune 500 companies attend his graduate courses in business continuity and risk management. Douglas M. Henderson, FSA, CBCP, is President of Disaster Management, Inc. and has consulting experience of 20+years in all areas of Business Continuity and Emergency Response Management. He is the author of several books and templates for business continuity planning. "This is a book that will inform the novice, support the expert and enhance every business continuity planner's efforts to create a resilient organization. The book is well organized as an instructional tool, a reference guide, and a toolkit for practitioners.... an executive, a student, or a practitioner who absorbs the content of this book will be better prepared to function in a field where preparedness is absolutely essential." -Thomas D. Phelan, PhD, Program Director, Emergency and Disaster Management and Fire Science at American Public University System; Founding Member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security "Practitioners constantly emphasize the necessity of a holistic approach and I am pleased to see this new book does just that. It is also important to blend theory with practice in this hands-on field; again this is accomplished by authors who have extensive academic and business continuity and emergency management experience. They bring the subject to life with rich teaching and learning features, making it an essential read for students and practitioners alike." -Phil Kelly, DBA, FHEA, (FIRM); Senior Lecturer, Liverpool (UK) Business School; Lead Examiner, Risk Decisions, The Institute of Risk Management (IRM)


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  • EAN: 9781931332545


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