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Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage


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Publikováno: 2001
Formát: paperback 978 stran
Cena: 640 Kč
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With double the length and coverage of the original, this new edition of A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage marshals and analyzesthe modern legal vocabulary more thoroughly than any other contemporary reference work can claim to do. Since the 1987 first edition, Bryan A. Garner has drawn on his unrivaled experience as a legal editor to refine his positions on legal usage and to add a wealth of new material. Here's how Garner's revision makes DMLU, Second Edition indispensable: - Updates every existing entry, making this a second edition in the fullest sense - adds hundreds of new entries - adds hundreds of new sections within existing entries - adds over 3,000 new illustrative quotations from judicial opinions and leading lawbooks by prominent legal commentators - Reconsiders previously held positions, now saying, for example, that contractions are sometimes permissible in legal writing - Fully elaborates ideas only hinted at in the first edition - Takes into account numerous comments received from first edition users - Expands and updates cross-references to guide readers quickly and easily Features Functions both as a style guide and as a law dictionary Guides writers to distinguish between true terms of law and mere jargon Illustrates recommended forms of expression as well as common blunders with thousands of quotations and citations Explains the origins of expressions lawyers regularly use, such as "Know all men by these presents", or "party of the first part" Records and evaluates more than 100 twentieth-century neologisms, from "conclusory" to "farminor" Distinguishes American from British usage and refers to current practice among Australian, Canadian, and Scottish legal writers Solves editorial problems by dealing with practical writing issues Offers wit and erudition reminiscent of H.W. Fowler, author of the first so-called usage dictionary In short, in its Second Edition, DMLU remains, as one reviewer hailed it in 1987, "truly unique in the literature of law". It is an essential resource for practising lawyers, scholars of the law, and libraries of all sizes and types.


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