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Serbian Book + CD (Teach Yourself)


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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 2003
Formát: kniha + CD 224 stran
Cena: 925 Kč běžně 1 028 Kč
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"Serbia is attracting an increasing number of visitors each year. Changing historical circumstances have made travel to the country much easier and greater stability is encouraging more foreign investment. The wars which affected parts of south-eastern Europe after the collapse of communism and the break-up of the former Yugoslavia are now over. Serbia is moving closer to integration with European institutions and markets. Serbian is a Slavonic language and although until recently the language used in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia was referred to as Serbo-Croat, the differences between Serbian and Croatian have now been recognized, though they still remain mutually comprehensible. Serbian uses both the Cyrillic and the Latin alphabet and there is no rule to say which alphabet should be used on which occasion so both are introduced. In the first three units both alternatives are given and thereafter the units alternate between the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. Graded units offer a structured approach to learning Serbian, giving information in a user-friendly fashion and presenting the language in everyday situations based around real places in Belgrade and Serbia. If you want to communicate in Serbian and to enjoy a degree of independence while in the country, whether you are a leisure or business traveller, school or university student, this book should introduce you to the basics and beyond. The ""Teach Yourself Serbian"" book (0-340-84621-6) and CD (0-340-84623-2) are available separately or in a pack (0-340-84622-4). "


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  • ISBN: 0340846224
  • EAN: 9780340846223

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