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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 2007
Formát: CD 48 stran
Cena: 86 Kč běžně 95 Kč
Přidat 'THE TIME MACHINE + CD PACK (Fast Track Classics - Level INTERMEDIATE)' do košíku


nebo Hlídající pes, Doporučit známému, Položit dotaz prodejci, Přidat do oblíbených


Fast Track Classics are a quick way to a range of exciting stories, from the chilling tale of Dracula to the gripping adventure of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and the powerful murder-mystery story of the Hound of the Baskervilles. These stories are shortened versions of the classic novels, which along with the accompanying audio CD, lose none of the strength and flavour of the originals. Each story has a full glossary at the back of the book and comprehension, vocabulary and language activities for each title are available to download. The Time Machine was written by H G Wells in 1895 and was one of three science fiction novels that made him famous. It tells the story of a Time Traveller who builds his own Time Machine and, to the disbelief of his friends, travels to the future world of AD 802,701 - a world which seems perfect at first, but hides a terrible secret. Each story contains: an audio CD of the complete story retold by Pauline Francis a full glossary downloadable comprehension, vocabulary and language activities on the website Intermediate Level: B1Robinson Crusoe Little Women Dracula The Mark of Zorro The Time Machine Jane Eyre Black Beauty Treasure Island Journey to the Centre of the Earth Call of the Wild Upper Intermediate Level: B2Dr Jekyll & Mr Hide Oliver Twist 20,000 leagues under the sea Kidnapped Hound of the Baskervilles The phantom of the opera The lost World Frankenstein


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  • ISBN: 0462000168
  • EAN: 9780462000169

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