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Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession

Autor: Richard Askwith

publisher: Aurum Press

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Fell running - long-distance races up and down mountains - is a mass participation sport in areas like the Lake District and Snowdonia. Here, the author describes the season he spent running many of the great races and of the many characters he met along the way.

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Pink Floyd : Pigs Might Fly

Autor: Mark Blake

publisher: Aurum Press

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Interest in Pink Floyd remains as intense as ever even 40 years after the release of Dark Side of the Moon, with lavish box-sets collecting demos and out-takes, and Roger Waters' world tours of The Wall playing to packed stadiums. Now, Mark Blake's superbly comprehensive and engrossing history of the group, rightly acclaimed as the definitive book on the band, has been fully revised and extended

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