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No Sail on the Western Sea

publisher: BetterLink Press

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No Sail on the Western Sea takes two favorite novellas by the well-known Chinese author Ma Yuan and combines them into a single volume. With the shared location of Tibet, both of these stories delve into the intricacies of personal relationships and emotions. A kaleidoscope which reflects the heightened sensation of adventurous lives acted out on the Tibetan plateau, these stories reflect the

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Behind the Singing Masks

Autor: Xiaoying Wang

publisher: BetterLink Press

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In this contemporary Chinese novel, a family opera performers struggles to remain true to each other and their art as they are buffeted by political turmoil and personal drama. The eventful lives of three generations of outstanding Chinese opera performers form the framework of Behind the Singing Masks, a story of turmoil and resolution, both personal and political. Xie Yingge, a celebrated dan

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An Irishman in China

Autor: Changtian Zhao

publisher: BetterLink Press

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It was a long journey--in more ways than mere geography--from a childhood in Northern Ireland to becoming the most influential foreigner in 19th-century China. This historical novel follows the life of Robert Hart, whose career in China spanned more than half a century during the turbulent last decades of the Qing dynasty. As the Qing government's Inspector General of the Maritime Customs

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