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Bloomsbury Publishing

Life and Love in Nazi Prague : Letters from an Occupied City

Autor: Marie Bader

publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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Prague, 1940-1942. The Nazi-occupied city is locked in a reign of terror under Reinhard Heydrich. The Jewish community experience increasing levels of persecution, as rumours start to swirl of deportation and an unknown, but widely feared, fate. Amidst the chaos and devastation, Marie Bader, a widow age 56, has found love again with a widower, her cousin Ernst Loewy. Ernst has fled to Greece and

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Cognitive Grammar in Stylistics : A Practical Guide

Autor: Giovanelli Marcello

publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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Cognitive Grammar in Stylistics: A Practical Guide provides an engaging, accessible and practically-focused introduction to cognitive grammar outlining how central principles of the field can be used in stylistic analyses. Assuming no prior knowledge, the book leads students through the basics of cognitive grammar, outlining its place within the field of cognitive linguistics as a whole,

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