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Bounce Sales

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Rhyming Flashcards

publisher: Bounce Sales

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Designed for children aged 3+, these fun-filled flashcards are ideal for helping young children to identify words that rhyme and anticipate word endings - vital steps on the road to reading. Each pack contains 54 cards illustrated in full colour on one side, with a printed word on the reverse. In addition, there are two instruction cards outlining a range of lively activities to help children

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Skladem u dodavatele

Science: Activity Book

publisher: Bounce Sales

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The books in this series encourage boys and girls from all backgrounds to take an interest in the STEM subjects. Little learners can discover more about science, technology, engineering and maths at home by reading the simple explanations and doing the beautifully illustrated activities on each page. From marvellous mazes, spot the difference and drawing puzzles to mental challenges, pattern

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