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C Hurst & Co Publishers

The Poisoned Well : Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East

Autor: Hardy Roger

publisher: C Hurst & Co Publishers

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Almost fifty years after Britain and France left the Middle East, the toxic legacies of their rule continue to fester. To make sense of today's conflicts and crises, we need to grasp how Western imperialism shaped the region and its destiny in the half-century between 1917 and 1967. Roger Hardy unearths an imperial history stretching from North Africa to southern Arabia that sowed the seeds of

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Inventing Ruritania : The Imperialism of the Imagination

Autor: Goldsworthy Vesna

publisher: C Hurst & Co Publishers

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First published in 1998, 'Inventing Ruritania' achieved a rare combination of critical success, broad readership and enduring academic influence. It is now recognised as a key contribution to the study of Balkan and European identity. Offered by Hurst in a long-awaited and updated paperback edition, 'Inventing Ruritania' is just as topical in the context of Europe's current turmoil as it was when

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