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Central European University


Castle and Cathedral in Modern Prague: Longing for the Sacred in a Skeptical Age

Autor: Bruce R. Berglund

publisher: Central European University

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Prague in the early twentieth century was the city of cubists, surrealists, and the Good Soldier vejk. This book takes a new approach to interwar Prague by identifying religion as an integral part of the city s cultural history. As Prague emerged as a modern city and the Czech nation gained independence, Catholics, Protestants, and those who imagined a non-sectarian religion debated questions of

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Prague Tales

Autor: Jan Neruda

publisher: Central European University

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A collection of Neruda's intimate, bitter-sweet stories of life among the inhabitants of Mala Strana, the Little Quarter of nineteenth century Prague. These vignettes established Neruda as the quintessential Czech nineteenth century realist.

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