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Clarkson Potter Publishers


The I Quit Sugar Cookbook: 306 Recipes for a Clean, Healthy Life

Autor: Wilsonová Sarah

publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishers

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From New York Times bestselling author of I Quit Sugar, comes a cookbook with more than 300 satisfying recipes that make giving up sugar simple, sustainable, and delicious. Sarah Wilson's sugar-free promise is more than just a way of eating. The benefits to overall wellbeing--fewer mood swings, improved sleep patterns, and maintaining weight control--have transformed the idea into a way of life.

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Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice

Autor: Michelle Obama

publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishers

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What’s your journey of becoming? Based on Michelle Obama’s bestselling memoir, this gorgeous journal features an intimate and inspiring introduction by the former First Lady and more than 150 inspiring questions and quotes to help you discover—and rediscover—your story.

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