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Collins Education


Oh Dear Me, I'm Late For Tea! (Collins Big Cat - Band 00/Lilac)

Autor: Hawes, A.

publisher: Collins Education

0 / 5
This picture story follows Granny's race against the clock. It's two o'clock and Granny has just one hour to reach her destination. As the minutes tick by, the story shows Granny's increasingly imaginative modes of transport, from skateboard to jet pack, before revealing why she is in such a hurry – it's her grandchild's birthday tea. • Lilac/Band 0 - wordless books that tell stories or give

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The Lonely Penguin (Collins Big Cat - Band 04/Blue)

Autor: Horacek, P.

publisher: Collins Education

0 / 5
Penguin is lonely – he can’t find his friends. Follow him on his journey across Antarctica as he searches for them in this lovely story, written and illustrated by award-winning illustrated Petr Horáček. • Blue/Band 4 books offer longer, repeated patterns with sequential events and integrated literary and natural language. • Children can re-cap the stages of Penguin’s journey on pages

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Collins Work on your Vocabulary: C1 C1

publisher: Collins Education

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Hundreds of words to learn and remember Collins Work on your Vocabulary – Advanced (C1) is a new practice book that covers the key vocabulary needed by learners of English at Advanced level (CEF level C1). This book is an essential resource for learners who want to improve their English vocabulary. Each of the 30 units presents vocabulary relating to a particular topic using clear language

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