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Intracardiac Echocardiography

Autor: Frank E. Silvestry

publisher: CRC Press

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Intracardiac Echocardiography is the first echocardiographic textbook of its kind to specifically cover ICE. Discussing all aspects of intracardiac ultrasound, it allows readers to perfect ICE image acquisition and helps to guide interpretation of this information during interventional and electrophysiologic procedures. Unique and informative, the text explores: - introductory echo physics -

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Richly Parameterized Linear Models: Additive, Time Series, and Spatial Models Using Random Effects…

Autor: James S. Hodges

publisher: CRC Press

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A First Step toward a Unified Theory of Richly Parameterized Linear Models Using mixed linear models to analyze data often leads to results that are mysterious, inconvenient, or wrong. Further compounding the problem, statisticians lack a cohesive resource to acquire a systematic, theory-based understanding of models with random effects. Richly Parameterized Linear Models: Additive, Time

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Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction with R, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in…

Autor: neuveden

publisher: CRC Press

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The first edition of this book has established itself as one of the leading references on generalized additive models (GAMs), and the only book on the topic to be introductory in nature with a wealth of practical examples and software implementation. It is self-contained, providing the necessary background in linear models, linear mixed models, and generalized linear models (GLMs), before

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Systems Engineering Principles for Software Engineers

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - kolektiv autorů, neuveden

publisher: CRC Press

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In a world dominated by complex software-intensive systems, it is important for software engineers to take on broader and more informed roles. This book addresses the increasing importance of systems engineering in professional software engineering education and practice. Complex systems bring many disciplines together so software engineers should understand the larger system context and trade

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vyjde 11. 12. 2021

Biology and Evolution of the Mollusca, Volume 1

Autor: kolektiv autorů

publisher: CRC Press

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Molluscs comprise the second largest phylum of animals (after arthropods), occurring in virtually all habitats. Some are commercially important, a few are pests and some carry diseases, while many non-marine molluscs are threatened by human impacts which have resulted in more extinctions than all tetrapod vertebrates combined. This book and its companion volume provide the first comprehensive

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